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Dance Inspired Photography Session: OC Child Photography

This little one has such a LOVE for dance. I just couldn’t wait to capture her passion in this dance inspired photography session. Macy looks so grown up now, twirling and dancing through the streets of down town Huntington Beach. It was a gorgeous afternoon as we set off to explore the textures and gritty streets of the city. The contrast of the city streets and alleyways with the softness of ballet and dance make for some dreamy images. ballet photos session by kelly lombardo photography oc-ballet-inspired-session by kelly lombardo photography

Below are some classic portraits of the stunning young ballerina, Macy! Her dance inspired photography session reminded me of my dancing days… all of the long hours and hard work put in to training and rehearsing. She told me about her upcoming shows and that she just lives to DANCE!

oc-childrens-photography by kelly lombardo photography oc-dance-inspired-portrait by Kelly Lombardo Photography

This wasn’t just a dance inspired photography session but a showcase of Macy’s talents, love, and excitement of ballet especially. She trains hard at her dance academy and would love to become a professional ballerina some day.

I just love the no bun look for this session! It’s just her, dancing, freely…

styled-ballet-session by Kelly Lombardo Photography styled-dance-photography-session by Kelly Lombardo Photography

This session was just so much fun! I loved capturing Macy dancing in the streets of down town, Huntington Beach. During the session she told me that she is so inspired by dance and would love to be a professional dancer someday. I am so happy that her parents will have these images forever and always remember what it was like to watch Macy dancing.

This is an example of an ALL ABOUT ME photography session. To learn more about this type of session click {HERE}.

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Little Fairy Houses: OC Child Photography

This is the story of a girl, walking through the woods building little fairy houses. Little Miss Lucy is six years old and loves to be out in nature gathering materials and building fairy houses. Her favorite thing to do outdoors is to collect small materials like twigs, moss, pebbles, rocks, sticks, feathers, and stones to make little fairy houses. Lucy finds secret places to display these treasures and build her fairy houses.


My favorite part shooting this session was just watching Lucy have fun and play around. She was so into it! She really had a fun time exploring the park and constructing her little fairy houses.


These are my two favorite images of her… I love her so serene and building her house, and gathering flowers in the field…


Stunning beauty dressed up in wings…


 At the end of the session she turned into a fairy!!! And showed off her delicate fairy house.

SO much magic in this OC styled ALL ABOUT ME SESSION.

What a wondrous child photography session! I loved capturing Lucy doing her favorite thing as a 6 year old. Her parents will have these images forever and always remember what it was like to watch Lucy build fairy houses. This is an example of an ALL ABOUT ME photography session. To learn more about this type of session click {HERE}.

What is it your child is ALL ABOUT? I’d love to find out and tell your story! {CLICK HERE} to contact me now!

Princess Photography Session: Huntington Beach

A princess photography session is so much fun for your third birthday! This year, little Ashlyn wanted to be a just like her favorite princess, Sophia for the day. We met at Huntington Beach Central Park for an afternoon of all things girly, and princess like. We made sure she had crowns, jewels, bows, mirrors, and sparkly treasures. I collaborated with the insanely talented prop & fashion stylist, Laura Kiechle on this project to make sure that Ashlyn felt like a real fairytale princess for the day. We had plenty of crowns, mirrors, and jewels for Ashlyn to play and dress up with during the photography session. This pretty little princess was so adorable and had a fabulous day pretending to be her favorite princess.  princess photography session ashlyn_02 ashlyn_03 ashlyn_04 ashlyn_05

Who’s the fairest of them all? Such a gorgeous little lady!

ashlyn_06 ashlyn_07 ashlyn_08

I know that Ashlyn had a fabulous time being a fairytale princess for the day. Being three and ruling the kingdom is a tough job, but I think she was  up for it. Little Miss is going to be a big sister soon and I am sure she just can’t wait to teach her new baby sister how to act like a princess too. Happy Birthday Princess Ashlyn!!! Until next year…


Toy Airplane Photography Session in Irvine

Today is a great day for showing off a third birthday boy’s styled toy airplane photography session.When little boys turn 3, they are all about toy airplanes and rocket ships and Mr. Weston is no exception. We headed down to Bommer Canyon in Irvine to launch rockets and fly toy airplanes. Weston was styled perfectly in comfy jeans, pilot cap, and airplane shirt. He headed out to the runway, as soon as we arrived (not a real runway) to look for the perfect spot to let them go! He had a fun time flying planes and launching his rockets and I had just as much fun chasing him around, trying to get the perfect shots! I think we both did great!!!


Such a super cutie!!! I just love this angle and the look on his face!!!


Pretty much classic Weston right here. Goofing around, no camera please!!!



This is a great example of how an ALL ABOUT ME session comes together. Sometimes you don’t need a lot of styling to get great shots to tell the story. Sometimes it is just as simple as a hat, a shirt, and some airplanes. The location was ideal too with some concrete to serve as the airplane runway and the field to add some depth and whimsy. I am so glad I was able to capture Weston with his airplanes, begin a boy and perfectly preserving this time of his childhood.


LA Child Photography at the Gentle Barn

It is always fun to head out to L.A. for a child photography session. For Zachary’s 4-year-old pictures a few weeks ago we headed up to the Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita and spent the day at the cities most humane and loving petting zoo. This place is amazing and stands for the ethical treatment of all animals. The owner has rescued and cared for these many animals for 17 years now and finds it hard to turn animals down. More info here about {The Gentle Barn}.

Zach is absolutely in LOVE with animals of all kinds. This kiddo owns about 100+ hard toy animals that he plays with each and every day at home. He knows their proper names, habitats, (his word not mine) eating habits, life span, etc. This smart 4-year-old can even tell you that an Orca is the largest dolphin in the sea. I mean seriously, this kid knows his animals.

la-child-photography boy-at-barn boy-gigam-shirt boy-on-horse-ranch boy-with-cows boy-with-horse boy-in-tree boy-on-tractor

It was so special for me to spend the day with Zachary and photograph him in his element for his 4th birthday. I know mom will cherish these photos forever because they will remind her what her four year old son was like. She will be able to look back at this time in his life and recall specific memories of his love and understanding of animals. This is another example of an ALL ABOUT ME photography session. To book your session just head over to the contact page and send me an email. CLICK HERE!


Superhero Photography Session: Irvine

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is creating a story with images to celebrate the things that children LOVE. This super fun, superhero photography session was shot in Irvine for Weston’s super 2nd birthday. Mom told me that Weston is really into all of the superheros right now and loves watching them on t.v. Mom and I had fun collaborating on the story that we wanted to tell for Weston’s superhero photography session. She went out and bought a cape and mask for us to use as props and made his #2 shirt with iron on transfers. The only obstacle for the shoot was finding a location that had tall buildings. Being in Orange County, California there are not many options but we made it work!

Up to the roof top we go….Weston showed us the way…

 Happy Super 2nd birthday to Weston!!! It was a blast running around after you and making your birthday wishes come true as you were able to be the superhero for the day. It was quite an adventure to shoot your superhero photography session.

XO Kelly