LA Child Photography at the Gentle Barn

It is always fun to head out to L.A. for a child photography session. For Zachary’s 4-year-old pictures a few weeks ago we headed up to the Gentle Barn in Santa Clarita and spent the day at the cities most humane and loving petting zoo. This place is amazing and stands for the ethical treatment of all animals. The owner has rescued and cared for these many animals for 17 years now and finds it hard to turn animals down. More info here about {The Gentle Barn}.

Zach is absolutely in LOVE with animals of all kinds. This kiddo owns about 100+ hard toy animals that he plays with each and every day at home. He knows their proper names, habitats, (his word not mine) eating habits, life span, etc. This smart 4-year-old can even tell you that an Orca is the largest dolphin in the sea. I mean seriously, this kid knows his animals.

la-child-photography boy-at-barn boy-gigam-shirt boy-on-horse-ranch boy-with-cows boy-with-horse boy-in-tree boy-on-tractor

It was so special for me to spend the day with Zachary and photograph him in his element for his 4th birthday. I know mom will cherish these photos forever because they will remind her what her four year old son was like. She will be able to look back at this time in his life and recall specific memories of his love and understanding of animals. This is another example of an ALL ABOUT ME photography session. To book your session just head over to the contact page and send me an email. CLICK HERE!