Little Fairy Houses: OC Child Photography

This is the story of a girl, walking through the woods building little fairy houses. Little Miss Lucy is six years old and loves to be out in nature gathering materials and building fairy houses. Her favorite thing to do outdoors is to collect small materials like twigs, moss, pebbles, rocks, sticks, feathers, and stones to make little fairy houses. Lucy finds secret places to display these treasures and build her fairy houses.


My favorite part shooting this session was just watching Lucy have fun and play around. She was so into it! She really had a fun time exploring the park and constructing her little fairy houses.


These are my two favorite images of her… I love her so serene and building her house, and gathering flowers in the field…


Stunning beauty dressed up in wings…


 At the end of the session she turned into a fairy!!! And showed off her delicate fairy house.

SO much magic in this OC styled ALL ABOUT ME SESSION.

What a wondrous child photography session! I loved capturing Lucy doing her favorite thing as a 6 year old. Her parents will have these images forever and always remember what it was like to watch Lucy build fairy houses. This is an example of an ALL ABOUT ME photography session. To learn more about this type of session click {HERE}.

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